Meet Ethan Slater: 5 Key Facts About Ariana Grande’s New Squeeze

Meet Ethan Slater: 5 Key Facts About Ariana Grande’s New Squeeze

Meet Ethan Slater: 5 Key Facts About Ariana Grande's New Squeeze

Who is Ethan Slater? 5 things you need to know about Ariana Grande’s new squeeze

Ariana Grande recently announced her separation from husband Dalton Gomez, with plans for a divorce. However, it seems she has wasted no time in moving on with a new man, Ethan Slater. At 32 years old, Slater is not a household name, but he shares a close connection with Grande through their work.

One significant aspect of Slater’s life is his role as Grande’s co-star in the production of “Wicked.” He plays Boq, a university friend and love interest of Nessarose in the upcoming film, set to debut in November 2024.

Slater’s romantic history involves being married to singer Lilly Jay, whom he coupled up with in 2012. They had a strong relationship and even welcomed a baby boy together last year. However, both Slater and Grande were reportedly single when they started dating, having ended their previous relationships.

Broadway enthusiasts may recognize Slater from his Tony-nominated role as the title character in the Broadway musical version of “Sponge Bob Square Pants.” Additionally, he co-wrote the show “Edge of the World” with his actor friend Nick Blaemire, showcasing his talents beyond acting.

On a personal note, Slater’s preferred pronouns are he/him, and he has an Instagram following of over 84,000. However, he recently made his account private after news of his relationship with Grande went viral.

Astrologically speaking, Slater is a Gemini, while Grande is a Cancer. This pairing may have its challenges, given their different approaches to the world. While Gemini’s charm might draw Cancer out of her shell, the potential differences between their desires for freedom and emotional connection could present obstacles.

Overall, Ethan Slater is the man currently captivating Ariana Grande’s heart, and only time will tell how their relationship unfolds.

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