What is blog ? How to do blogging: Complete basic information about blog

What is blog ? How to do blogging: Complete basic information about blog

Introduction to Blogging: What is a Blog?

If you’ve come across this post, you may have heard about blogs before. But do you know what is blog , how blogging is done, who is blogger , and the different types of blogs that exist?

If you want answers to all the questions mentioned above, then read this article in its entirety. By the end of this article, you will have a good understanding of what a blog is and you’ll gain the right idea about blogging.

If you’re considering entering the world of blogging, all the information we provide in this article is essential for you. So let’s not waste any time and start learning about what is blog.

What is a Blog?

Whenever we search for any query on Google or any other search engine, we come across numerous websites. These websites are either blogs or regular websites. Just like you are reading this article, which is also a blog. Similarly, all the articles you read on Google to gather information are also blogs.

Before the internet came into existence, people used to maintain diaries where they would write their thoughts, experiences, and more. However, with the advent of the internet, people started sharing their thoughts, experiences, knowledge, etc., through blogs on the internet. This allowed people from all over the world to read their blogs and gain knowledge.

A blog is a type of website where the blog owner regularly writes articles on their chosen topics of interest. Blogs contain various types of information that are helpful to internet users. We can define a blog in this way.


A blog is a medium through which individuals can share their knowledge, experiences, thoughts, or opinions with the world through the internet.

When we hear about blogs, various questions come to our minds. Let’s find the answers to all these questions.

Who is a blogger?

A blogger is someone who owns their own blog and regularly publishes posts on it, managing their blog. To become a successful blogger, it is essential to have good knowledge in your field. For example, if you are creating a blog about health, it is crucial to have good knowledge about health in order to become a successful blogger.

A blog post refers to any new information that a blogger shares on their blog. Every article present on a blog is referred to as a blog post.

The process of managing and updating one’s blog by a blogger is referred to as blogging.

How is blogging done?

Blogging is a process in which a blogger maintains their blog. To maintain their blog, bloggers publish posts regularly according to a routine, maintain a good blog design, and resolve any issues that arise on their blog. Additionally, there are other tasks involved in blogging, such as performing SEO, driving traffic, and resolving technical issues. All these processes together are known as blogging. Now you should have a basic understanding of how blogging works.

Who is a professional blogger?

Most people choose professions like doctors, teachers, or engineers as their careers. However, in today’s time, people also choose blogging as a career. If you work hard in the field of blogging, you can earn as much money as a good job, if not more. In India, there are many professional bloggers who earn lakhs of rupees per month through their blogs. A professional blogger is someone whose career is blogging, and they earn through their blog.

How to become a successful blogger?

Creating a blog may be easy, but managing it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Blogging offers name and money, but you have to work hard for it.

Most new bloggers start their blog but eventually give up due to insufficient knowledge about blogging. If you are serious about blogging, you need to spend at least a year learning blogging thoroughly and devoting time to your blog.

Only then can you become a successful blogger. If you start a blog just for money, there is a possibility that you may quit the field of blogging if you do not see good results.

Therefore, if you want to become a successful blogger, you should always follow your passion and provide good content to your readers, which will make them enjoy reading your blog.

After reading the above information, if you are serious and aspire to become a blogger, read the entire article. It will definitely be helpful to you. Also, keep visiting our blog to learn more about blogging as you will find a wealth of information related to blogging here

How to Start a Blog ?

By now, you must have learned a lot about blogs. Now let’s learn how to start your own blog. To start a blog, you will need the following things.

First, choose a niche on which you want to base your blog. A niche is a subject or category, such as Health, Tech, Fitness, and so on. There are many niches available.

Next, you need to choose a platform to create your blog. You can choose either Blogger or WordPress to start blogging.

If you want to create a blog without investing any money, you can start with a free blog on Blogger. Here, you don’t need to invest any money to start blogging. However, you can choose a custom domain name to create your own identity.

If you have some money to invest, you can buy a domain and hosting and create a blog on WordPress. This allows you to start your blogging career.

Once you choose a blogging platform, you need to set up your blog properly. In Blogger.com, you can customize your blog by applying an attractive theme. In WordPress, you have access to numerous themes and plugins that can give your blog a professional look.

Before writing articles for your blog, perform keyword research for your articles.

After that, publish your posts on your blog and regularly update it.

Optimize your blog for on-page SEO so that it ranks well in search engines.

Promote your blog through off-page SEO techniques.

After following all these processes, your blog will start receiving traffic, and then you can monetize it through methods like Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, etc.

Types of Blogs

By now, you understand what a blog is and how to create one. Now let’s learn about the types of blogs. There are several types of blogs, but here are some of the main ones:

Personal Blog:

A personal blog is a blog where the blogger does not focus on a specific topic. They share various types of information based on their interests. They may write poems, stories, or share their daily routine, etc. The main purpose of this type of blog is not to make money.

Niche Blog

A niche blog is a blog where the blogger focuses on a specific topic and regularly shares information related to that topic. For example, if a blog is related to mobile phones, you will find information only about mobile phones throughout the blog. Bloggers who work on niche blogs earn a decent income through blogging.

Micro Niche Blog

Micro niche blogs have gained popularity in recent times, and even recognized bloggers prefer working on them. A micro niche blog focuses on the smallest category within a niche.

For example, if you have a blog about mobile phones, and you only write about a specific company’s mobile phones like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, etc., then it falls under the category of a micro niche blog.

Group Blog

As the name suggests, in a group blog, two or more people come together to write articles and publish them on the blog. This type of blog is known as a group blog.

Corporate Blog

A corporate blog belongs to a company or organization. It contains information about the company and its activities.

Vlog (Video Blog)

A vlog is a video blog where bloggers publish video content. Platforms like YouTube and Facebook are popular for vlogging.

Blogging Platforms

In today’s time, there are many blogging platforms available. Let’s learn about some prominent blogging platforms:

Blogger.com: Blogger.com is a well-known platform for blogging worldwide, where you can create a blog for free. It is a product of Google, and you can create a blog using your Gmail ID.

WordPress.org: To create a blog on WordPress, you need to purchase hosting and a domain. It is a popular platform for blogging, and most blogs in the world are created on WordPress.

Tumblr.com: Tumblr.com is another blogging platform where you can create a blog for free. It is gaining popularity these days.

Medium.com: You can also do free blogging on Medium.com. Although it is not as popular a platform yet, it is gradually gaining attention. There are currently very few blogs on this platform.

Joomla.org: Joomla is a popular platform for creating e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Apart from these, there are many other platforms for blogging where you can create your blog.

Differences Between Blog and Website

The differences between a blog and a website are as follows:

A blog is a type of website where posts are displayed in reverse chronological order, meaning the newest post appears first, followed by older ones. Not all websites can be classified as blogs.

Blogs are always dynamic, while websites can be both dynamic and static.
Both posts and pages are essential in a blog, whereas websites can have only pages.

A website can consist of a single page, but a blog never has only one page.

How to Earn Money From a Blog

You can monetize your blog in the following ways:

Google AdSense: You can earn money from your blog through Google AdSense.
Affiliate Marketing: You can earn money from your blog through affiliate marketing.
Providing backlinks to other blogs can also earn you money.
Placing ads from other ad networks on your blog can generate income.
You can also earn money from your blog through sponsorship.

what is blog last word ?

In today’s article, we have learned about what a blog is, how to create a blog, and shared all the basic information related to blogging with you. I hope you found this post helpful. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment box.

In conclusion, I would like to request you not to forget to share this article. Keep visiting our blog for more information on blogging.

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